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Preteen lola russia

Preteen lola russia

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Related article: Date: Sun, 13 Jul 2003 22:27:08 -0400 From: T-Boy23 Subject: Chillin' With Rude Jude (PART 3)This story is about male/male relationships and may contain graphic descriptions of sexual acts between consenting adults. If it is illegal for you to read this story due to your age or residence please stop now.This is a work of fiction. It may use names of real locations, places and/or people but only to make the story more accessible to its readers. The use of these names in no way implies or is meant to imply anything about the sexuality, personality or behaviour of the actual person named.Please be clear here - THIS IS A WORK OF FICTION. This story is the sole property of its author and may not be copied in whole or in part or posted on any website without the express written consent best preteen nude of the author.Questions/commentary can be sent to "" Criticism, both good and bad are appreciated.As I kissed Jude's lips and fumbled with his belt he reached around me and began kneeding my ass cheeks. His hands were firmly all over my ass squeezing and slapping it at times. I felt his tongue push past my lips and discovered he had a tongue ring. This boy had enough piercings, I swear. Even through the bill of his cap.Our tongues were intertwined when he stopped all of a sudden. "Dude, we needa slow down. I don't wanna rush this, know what I mean?" blog preteens nude He filipina preteens nude said to me. I smiled at him and suggested we go over to the bed. "I think we'll be more comfy there too." He replied. We walked over to the bed holding hands. Jude still had his shirt off and was models preteen sites so damn sexy the bed seemed 14 miles away instead of 14 feet. "Stand right there." I said to Jude as I layed down on the bed. "I want to see you strip for me!" I exclaimed. I thought a little strip-tease would make things more lolliats preteen interesting."You want me to strip fo ya?" He asked me. I nodded my head with my tongue licking my lips. I also found myself biting my bottom lip. I felt a little awkward as I was still completely clothed while Jude was partially nekkid. I started to take my shirt off when Jude walked over to me and stopped me. "Not yet..." He started "I wanna be the one to take those clothes off ya." He concluded with the sexiest smile I have seen yet, on his face. I layed back against the pillow waiting on my little strip show to start. He walked back to the front of the bed. I changed the music to another channel that was playing instrumental rock music.He began rubbing his chest and stomach occasionally sticking his hand into his baggy pants. He would also lick his finger and rub it up and down his pleasure trail. He had started to undo his belt and I jumped up. I couldn't take it anymore. I crawled to the foot of the bed where he was still dancing and moving around. He pictures preteen cunts came to a stop and stood still with his hands connected behind his back and his pelvis sticking out in a stance mode. preteen russian nudity I sat cross-legged at the end of the bed and moved my hands up and down his chest. Stopping to slowly move my finger from his naval downward. I loved the fur on his chest as it was sporatic instead of continuous. While rubbing his chest I found that he had a scar on the right above his nipple. It looked like a gunshot wound but I wasn't going to ask.I moved my head foward and started licking his chest. Tweaking his nipples back and forth. He was moaning pretty loud and I was afraid the people staying in the rooms on both sides of me would hear him. Then I thought about it and came to the conclusion that I didn't give a fuck. This boy's manly moans were making me hotter and hotter. I licked my way up to his scar. I kissed it and licked it. Which may sound gross, but scars on a skaterboy are hot as hell! I looked up at him and his head was tilted back and eyes closed tight. Mouth wide open and constantly licking his lips.I finally pulled his already unfastened belt out of the belt loops and threw it onto the floor. I rubbed around his hips before going to the next level. I unfastened his pants button ukraine free preteenz and slid the zipper down slowly. Needless to say but the pants fell around his preteens bikinis pics ankles immediatly they were so baggy. He had on stone colored STRUCTURE boxer briefs with a VERY noticable tent in them. His legs were really hairy. More so than I expected them to be. Yet again I noticed another scar on his left inner thigh. This looked like a previous deep one that had stitches in it at one point. Again, this was a turn on for me. I thought I was gonna lose it, but maintained control over myself. I rubbed up and down his furry legs. After reaching the top of his waist I put my thumbs in the waistband of his underwear. Teasing my thumbs around front and back. I finally decided there had been enough teasing and pulled them down. There was a small stall against them coming down immediatly. His cock was jutting out and it was quite an obsticle to overcome as the boy was hung like a horse. After springing free his hard cock was in my face. It was beautiful. He was about preteenz nude 8 inches cut. Thick as a beer can and preteen child sexy a nice mushroom head. He was leaking precum like a faucet so I took it upon myself to lap it up.I flicked my tongue in his piss-slit tasting the coppery taste of his self producing lube. I noticed his knees were begining to buckle and I climbed back up to sexy preteen underwear his face and passionatly kissed him while grabbing his tight ass. I pulled away breaking the kiss off. I was afraid he was gonna fall down if I didn't stop. "Come lay down over here." I instructed patting the bed. He couldn't speak so he just nodded. He easily stepped out of his baggy jeans leaving his socks and high-top Nike's on. Which I wasn't gonna complain about. The boy was a God and looked more so as a thugish type God with his orange ballcap and Nike high-tops and socks with nothing else. As he layed down I layed down beside him. I started kissing him again catching his tongue ring in between my teeth, not harsh or anything just a little teasing and letting him know I didn't want his tongue to leave my mouth. I held his hard cock in my hand while kissing him. His hands were in two different places on me. One on the back of my head on one inside my pants crotch. I could feel the iciness of his rings around my cock as he tugged up and down on it. I had to stop him as I was gonna blow at any second and didn't wanna wait on my second wind to do anything.All of a sudden he stopped everything solid. I looked into his clear blue eyes and he smiled at me. "I gotta get sumthing." He said and bent over the bed reaching for his pants. As he was leaning over I got a clear view of his bubble ass and could see his hairy balls dangling between his legs. I couldn't see his cock as it was stiff as a board but I liked what I saw! He pulled his wallet off the chain that was attatched to his pants and began sifting through it. He then pulled out a condom and handed it to me to hold while he put his things back. I knew where this was going. Jude wanted to fuck me. I had no preconceived notions about it but didn't care if he did it either. He came back up to where I was. I ripped the condom wrapper open and moved my hands in the direction of his cock. He stopped my hands and I best preteen nude gave him a puzzled look. "This ain't for me baby." He said. "I want you to fuck me." He finished.To be continued
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